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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last, but not least on our Washington state tour

We are actually in Oregon now, but I wanted to show you how we finished our tour of Washington state - by visiting Mt. Rainier.  Some days are so cloudy that the mountain can barely be seen.  We were truly blessed to have had one day that was completely clear for a few hours!  One woman who was there on this day said that she had been there 40 times and had never seen it so clear. 

The one above and this one were taken on the way to the Paradise area of Rainier.
Here is a picture we took on the way to a different area in the park (the Sunrise area).  The day was not as clear as the first, but was still amazing to see.
We went on a hike and were able to see the glaciers closer.  I can't imagine climbing this 14,000+ foot peak; this was close enough!
There is so much more we would like to do here, but alas, we just couldn't do it all.  That means we will have to return to this area.  We spent a month in Idaho and a month in Washington and barely scratched the surface of all there is to see.  Washington and Idaho are two really beautiful states (and cool summer weather to boot).  God willing, we will be able to return again soon.